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List of Life have created LIFESET, an educational consultancy offering a new style of educational immersion and study travel experience for international students visiting the UK.

Nothing likeLIFESET  has been created before – this is a completely new way of approaching international education and study travel.

There are private educators around the world who have identified skills gaps, missed opportunities and a lack of teaching in context for the future.  Much has been written, debated and analysed – and not just by educators, but by employers who (sector by sector) routinely highlight that the education of today does not serve the job markets of tomorrow.

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Who we are

List of Life was founded by Heath Gardiner in 2000.  The company began life as an events business with a diverse and demanding market. 

Over the years List of Life perfected its business management, operational, logistical, financial skills, and success.  Through historical educational business cross over and exposure List of Life developed an early understanding of higher educational institutions, modern education and the scope of the International business demand and opportunities within, we called this ‘LifeSet’.

Why us

With offices and language fluency in both China and the UK, a country wide network of educational partners, we can offer our students the commitment of our own high standard of service, support, supervision and welfare.

Our team include experienced professionals in the leading market safety and welfare regulations – to ensure that when we measure our own natural compassion, care and passion against what is required, we overachieve for each and every student. 

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School Partnership program

Deliver your momentum globally, because what you do is recognised globally – what you do attracts global talent.  We are interested to hear from distinguished educators with a willingness to embrace an International customer/student to further enhance their global marketability.

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