Lasting Inspiration for Future Generations

​​LifeSet™ is a UK educational brand with a comprehensive solution that creates a personalised journey for young international students.  Combining a variety of educational experiences with a deep understanding of each individual student’s potential. All designed based on market leading student safety and welfare standards.

Through our innovative and multifaceted course design, we will open your eyes and ears, your voice and your mind. We will ignite the inherent passions and self-drive within our students that set new milestones in life.

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What is LifeSet?

The starting point for our programme is the Lifeset framework.  This comes from a deep understanding of how to help children learn more effectively.

The LifeSet framework has been developed to focus on the real needs of an evolving future. It’s six components address factors that make up the fabric of personal development. It’s built into the foundations of our programs, delivering results and experience that are second to none.

Our LifeSet Components are also key to ensuring the delivery of the programme is implemented to overachieve on 21st Century Skills, through our enhanced focus on:


Full immersion in English language education including formal English classes and formal classes of other subjects taught in English.

Social Skills and teamwork

Teamwork is an important part of this programme. Teamwork takes many different forms that include preparing presentations in pairs and small teams.

Confidence and Independence

Our programme is designed to help our students gain confidence and independence.

International Perspective

This section focuses sharply on the differences and similarities between China and the UK, giving the student a full perspective on British culture.

Critical thinking and positive attitude

This programme is designed to develop the student’s ability to solve problems through critical thinking and resilience.

Passions and interests

This programme includes many types of extracurricular activities that are designed introduce students to a range of interests,

School Partnership program

Deliver your momentum globally, because what you do is recognised globally – what you do attracts global talent.  We are interested to hear from distinguished educators with a willingness to embrace an International customer/student to further enhance their global marketability.